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In the long run of things, kindness will never return void. It might seem like a wasted effort to help the elderly carry groceries to their car or babysit for free or even spend hours in the kitchen to feed folk, who don't say thank you. I can tell you that someone notices, wether it's recognized or not, you are never in the wrong for being kind. 

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Read the dogs letter to the boss. Higher standards are requested, the cows have the humans wrapped around their hooves. Equality is needed on the ranch. Currently on strike, until requirements are met. 


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Gone camping, is something we should do more often. With 77 million American households enjoying camping in the outdoors, why don't we go every weekend? Come camping with J Bar D and see just how the Riley's do it. Forget stressful nylon tent instructions and cold sleeping bags, bring on the comfort, ease and quality of J Bar D. Introduce yourself to sleeping under canvas and enjoying the comfort of a night spent outside.

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We wear many hats in the lives we lead. Some we like and some not so much. Why do we continue to wear some until the sweat and dirt has built an outer crust? How come we have some that sit on the hat rack, just waiting for us to try them on? Hats, hats and the things they do.

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