War bags, Gear Bags, Canvas Bags, Duffle bags, whatever the name, we build them.

J bar D builds a canvas bag to last a long time, they look great when they are new and even better once they’ve seen some miles.

I have one of the first gear bags we took to sell at The Big Loop in Jordan Valley.  Back in the day, we would customize the strap at our shows. This gear bag was tossed in the “go home” pile because of a misspelling on the strap. The name was supposed to be Dally and D A F was stamped. I didn’t want to waste the strap, so the strap was stamped Daffodil and I’ve been throwing it on the floorboard of the pick-up, ever since.

Our Gear Bags are built with great craftsmanship and we use heavy-duty materials and they will last many a year.