The Story


    Shane originally had a Bedroll that his father gave to him many years ago, but in 2007 our shop burnt down and we lost nearly everything including that Bedroll. Thereafter, he never got around to getting a new one either because he was to busy working on the mountain or shoeing horses for clients.

    Fall of 2014, he was Buckarooing for a local ranch. It was October and all that was left on the hill were stray pairs that didn’t come down with the rest of the herd. They had come to a creek crossing that was not very often travelled, the willow branches were hanging low and narrow but there was a large pointed tree branch that had fallen to belly height. Stepping out of the saddle, Shane went to move it out of the way. As he did so, Judge side stepped landing directly on Shane’s foot. 

   The weight of Judge sent a wave of pain surging though Shane so intense that he passed out. When Shane came to, he was staring up at the shoofly of the cinch. In all the excitement Shane’s ankle had gotten broke in at least 3 to 5 places. 

    Wearing boots was excruciatingly painful so gettin back in the saddle was gonna take some time. Being laid up in the house drove him crazy restless and the worry of making it through the winter was increasing. After finishing all the odds and ends projects he kept telling me he was gonna do, he then started tappin into his creative side. One evening after the chores were all finished and the fire was stoked he asked me if I would help him build a Bedroll just like the one he had lost in the fire 7 years ago. 

    The next morning we got in the pickup and drove the 67 miles to town to get 18 feet of canvas. When we got home I got out my little Singer sewing machine and began building the Bedroll that started it all. Once it was finished I said to Shane, “I bet we could sell this thing on Facebook”. Eleven minutes later it was sold. Then we did it again the next night. On the third night Shane said, “Why don’t we go buy enough canvas for 3 Bedrolls. I think we will be able to sell ‘em and it’ll save on gas.” There in the kitchen our family brand J-D became J bar D Canvas and Leather.