Bedrolls and Tarps

We get asked from time to time, “Are your bedrolls are bulky?”

I’d say, yes they are a bit bulky. Our J bar D bedrolls are intended for extreme outdoor sleeping comfort.

Our bedrolls will need its own packhorse, if you are an experienced packer you may be able to get two bedrolls and a tipi as the top pack on your pack horse or mule.

Our J bar D bedrolls fit nicely on the bed of a pickup, in the horse trailer and will take up a fair amount of your trunk space, unless of course you strap the bedroll to the outside of your car. We hear from experienced ranch bronc riders, that bedrolls travel well this way.

If you are wanting extreme comfort while sleeping in the great outdoors, our J bar D bedrolls will not disappoint. You may load them up with as many pillows, wool blankets and quilts, as you like, to create the perfect bedroll.

So, to answer the question, “Are they bulky?” I would say yes, just a tad bulky.