Love Your Neighbor: Red or Blue or Cuckoo

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Love Your Neighbor: Red or Blue or Cuckoo

This is has been a whirlwind of a year to the say the least. There isn't a need for me to recapture all that the world has been through in 2020. We lived it. Every single human on the earth l right now, has lived in 2020 and we know. We know about the pandemic, we were in the line for toilet paper, we voted and we showed up. With November 3, Election Day, being over maybe some are happy and chances are some are disappointed.

As humans there are going to be so many emotions regarding politics. There is no simple way to say that, we are all so very different and we choose differently. In the end, we are all still humans. So as some people share posts about one party or the other and jokes about what they are wearing to the Civil War on Wednesday, share some kindness. 

Share some kindness because; 

your neighbor still needs you.

the PTA still needs those handmade goodies.

tires still go flat and we still run out of fuel.

the horses still are wonders at picking locks and roaming free. 

we still need human kindness. 

your neighbor might be sick and still needs his crops harvested.

friends still need phone calls of support.

community is still needed. 

friendship is most definitely still needed. 

So when controversy is everywhere, make cookies for someone, offer to help someone on the side of the road, show up to the event, call the friend and bring them a can of fuel. The person calling the White House home, isn't going to plow your neighbors field, they aren't going to give you groceries or bring cookies to the 4th grade science fair. That's you. You be that person, be the cowboy that helps another outfit, be the student who holds doors open for people despite if their shirt is red or blue. 

In the long run of things, kindness will never return void. It might seem like a wasted effort to help the elderly carry groceries to their car or babysit for free or even spend hours in the kitchen to feed folk, who don't say thank you. I can tell you that someone notices, wether it's recognized or not, you are never in the wrong for being kind. 

- A friend

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