Battle at the Box T

Spring found us
At camp on the Box T
Cow country
And special to me

To clean up camp
I was prepared
But when I saw the destruction
War I declared

Only the ones that share
in the hate
Realize the mess
A pack rat can create

They'll poop in the bed
Where your tired head needs to rest
Or steal your silver
At hiding things they are the best

They'll chew on your reins
Leaving nothing but chains
Eat your grub
Yep, real pains

Run in the rafters
All night if they can
But I'll tell you, that spring
I made the species afraid of this man

Poison I used
Lead I flung
Snares I set
I even studied their dung

The boss said attack
That's just what I did
For these vermin
The BoxT was to be rid

Now next to the cabin
Was a woodshed of some years
This very building
Was responsible for many buckaroo tears

For it was there that
This beast would retreat
When the battle was turning
And they were surly beat

I devised a plan
Five gallons of diesel I poured
Only because
I had no C4

I lit it up
Away they did run
At this point
I wished for my gun

It was then
The error of my ways realized
Their plan all along

That night as I crawled
In my roll
My war wasn't over
I was paying their toll

I had burned their home
None of them dead
A truce was called
That night
As we all shared one bed

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