Times a Changin'

Armata Fringe, Cowboy Poem, Rough Stock -

Times a Changin'

I was out in the round pen
Applying the Mic Dundee
On 3 killer studs I rescued
From out of the local Y
Swimming pool
When I received a pm on my
Buckaroo edition 11
Eye phone
Complete with armita fringe holster
Seems a job was available
Do you shoe
Do you straddle rough stuff
Do you camp they asked
After a quick google search I realized
I was 1 of 3 proficient
Headed to Walmart to
Make it 2
local feed store to round it out
I needed a hackamore
They said
A mechanic handed me one
Said it was dope
Found a rope that looked
Real nice
It was too long
So I whittled it down
I’m headed to the ranch now
I’ve posted every mile post
Called my mom
And bought a redbull
Shouldn’t be more than a day late
They say times have changed
Not sure I buy all that crock
A hand can still be made
In that there is more stock
The obstacles that stand in way is all that’s changed
Just not that slow
After all horses still blow
Rope still has a hole in it
Steers get sick
Buckaroo wages still the same as a hundred years ago

Shane Riley

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