Cowboy Carpet Gear Bags

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The first Cowboy Carpet Gear Bag Set we built was for a good friend of ours, who said that she had a Pendleton Wool suit of her mother’s and asked if we would be able to turn it into bags. They turned out beautifully. When we posted pictures, we had so many requests for more Cowboy Carpet Bag. We got to work, finding unique fabrics, right away.

Our gear bag sets are fully lined with canvas to create a heavy-duty gear bag and shave bag that will last a good while. We use a heavy brass zipper and harness leather for a strong shoulder strap. The shave/cosmetic bag has a leather mystery braid handle.

As always, get a name or initials (up to 12 letters) stamped on the shoulder strap as a complementary addition to personalize your bag.