Note to the Boss

Camping Cowboy Tipi Range Tipi Tipi

We had been in camp
Since spring
Horses were on good
Grass and doing well
But this ole hand
Had missed the 4th
Not even seen town
Since May
Perhaps it was loneliness
Or even curiousness
Not sure the itch
But knew the scratch
I saddled and rode
Took the bay ,left the roan
With a note to the boss
Hollared up the canyon
For a pard to come along
To tell you it was grand
Would just not do
We were in cuffs by 10:00
Seems a couple laws were new
No horses inside ???
No sock'n the constable ??
No carouse' n??
The boss he got us fetched
Back to camp at a run
We planned and said
Next time we go
I'll ride the roan
No note to boss
Who spoiled our fun

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